A Day in the Life of a Digital Nomad

It may sound like a the “in” thing to be right now, but being a so-called “digital nomad” has its ups and downs. Like many others, I decided to allow myself the freedom to work remotely, free from the confines of a working a 9-5 in an office. With this freedom also came risk – I had to find my own clients and pay my own tax and pension contributions, and not to mention my lack of job security which previously meant I received paid holidays. Being a digital nomad is not the most ideal or practical way for most people to work, but for me, it fits the bill. Below are a few things I do as a daily routine, even though everyday is different.

Plan my day the night before

Yes, my day actually starts the night before! In order to prepare myself mentally to wake up and hit the ground running the next day, I write a to-do list the night before. This might include planning to answer emails, following up with clients, reminders to attending meetings, or planning my free time. All of this is related to and has an effect on my work.

Wake up naturally, stretch

Unless I have strict deadlines coming up, I usually allow myself to wake up naturally, as my body usually gives me the right amount of sleep, unless unnaturally disrupted. Stretching out improves my blood flow and allows me to think more clearly, quickly, after getting up. I then get to work on whatever I had planned the night before.

Check my emails and planner

As a content writer, I have clients all over the world, and I am bound to get requests at any time of the day. Checking and replying to these first thing in the morning gives me a good start to the day, and prevents any backlog as the day goes on.

Attend meetings

Usually I will be required to attend meetings, be it online or in person, and this is usually not a problem as I am very flexible with my time. Modern meeting organisation means that they can be easily organized by a host using an app, no longer requiring every attendee to be contacted by a secretary confirming their invite. I usually see if I have been invited to any meetings on my planner, and reply whether or not I am able to attend. If I am required to physically attend a meeting, I really appreciate it when clients have a conference room scheduling display in their office, as this allows me to walk in and find the correct meeting room easily, saving time.


My lunch is usually on-the-go and is usually something I have prepped the night before. I prefer not to work from home as being in the same location constantly, affects my creativity. I love all sorts of food, so my meals vary as much as my writing does, but I do love salads, and they are also great for the brain!


Personally, my ability to write peaks after lunch, and this is usually when I like to sit aside and work. A quiet workspace like a quaint coffee shop with calming background music is ideal for me, but I could work almost anywhere depending on my mood. Usually, I would write until I feel myself getting unproductive and this could be until mid-evening time. At this time I call it quits, have dinner and repeat my nightly routine of planning for the next day.

Being a digital nomad may not always be as glamorous as it sounds, but if you really appreciate being able to control your work hours more than in full time employment, I highly recommend you explore your opportunities.