Technology That Will Instantly Improve Your Workplace

It is no surprise that in this day and age, businesses are more understanding and receptive to the idea that investing in improving the workplace can bring about many benefits to their workforce, and ultimately improve workplace efficiency. Gone are the days of the notion that being austere and cutting costs, not just in business but also in the wider economy, are the best way of improving profit margins. This is why we see businesses constantly investing in new technologies and infrastructure regardless of the economic climate – they know the importance of doing so.

Below we shall have a look at a few types of technology that many businesses are integrating into their workplace, in order to provide them with better all-round results.

1) Management software

Introducing new software into a business’ process is not as easy as one may think. It can involve a lot of disruption and downtime if not planned correctly, which in turn can damage the business in many ways. However, the benefits of implementing such software often far outweigh the risks associated, and this is why we see so many organisations investing in such. Take for example Pronestor’s new meeting management software, this allows a more efficient use of a business’ current resources, rather than requiring investment in increasing capacity, for example. This software specifically allows the whole process of organising and booking rooms for meetings to be simplified, freeing up valuable time for employees.


The increased availability of high-speed internet connections around the world has resulted in the proliferation of business process outsourcing (BPO) industries around the world. The labour arbitrage has allowed countries such as the Philippines, India and Mexico to provide more affordable back-office services to English and Spanish speaking businesses, respectively. Introducing VOIP technology into the workplace not only makes for cheaper and more reliable communication methods, but it also broadens the pool of people you can now communicate with.

Improving communication between all levels within an organisation should always be seen as priority and investing in VOIP technology is a great way of doing so.

3) Cloud storage

It feels like it’s only been a few years since we were transitioning from paper-based workplace storage and systems to digital, and we are already at the point of moving further than this. Many organisations are realising the benefit of outsourcing their storage to experts such as Amazon Web Services, which can not only be safer and more efficient, but can save an incredible amount of physical space, time, and effort in maintenance. Sure, some organisations may be slightly sceptical in leaving the security of their data in the hands of another, but then they realise, if something was to go wrong, would they rather have to deal with it personally or have the experts manage it? The answer is clear and that is why cloud storage is becoming the new norm.