Here Are a Few Simple Ways a Business Can Impress Clients

If you work or run a business, you will likely have, at some point, been either the client or someone offering your services to one. You should therefore, have an understanding of what to expect and how you would want to be treated. Many businesses go all-out to impress potential clients and maintain relationships with their current – and for good reason – they are the reason your business exists. If you had no one to cater to, where would you be? It is therefore imperative that you treat them well to keep them returning.

Here are a few things you can do to impress clients and hopefully keep them coming back to you.

1) Stick to your deadlines

Nothing leaves a bad taste in the mouth than when you are expecting something by a certain time, only to find out late on that the other party is unable to meet the deadline. You shouldn’t be biting off more than you can chew, but if you do overextend yourself in the hopes of landing a new client, you better be sure you can deliver. Deadlines are set for a reason and delays can have a knock-on effect on the succeeding work.

2) Update workplace technology to improve your efficiency

If a client were to take a look at your office and see well implemented technology helping your business run smoothly, they would certainly have more faith in you. Use visitor management systems to improve the whole process from the client arriving at the building, to the point they sit down in the meeting room. A smooth process before discussions have even begun will give you a good foundation to begin on, and leave an impression that the real work will be just as efficient.

3) Stick to your niche and own it

It may be tempting when you see the opportunity to scale and grow, but be careful if it comes at a cost of neglecting what you are currently focused on. Impress clients by doing the simple things effectively, as reliability is always key when looking to gain or retain them. We have seen many businesses overextend themselves by looking to grow into areas they are not so familiar with. Until you are supremely confident in your basic services, don’t go looking to expand into others.

4) Always be open and honest

Again, no one likes bad surprises. We find ourselves in a time where people will say and do anything just to land a contract, even if it’s not realistic (we can thank cowboy Youtube influencers for much of that). Manage your client’s expectations by being realistic about what you can and can’t do – promising them the world and then failing to deliver will only damage your reputation and lose you a client you were maybe not ready for. People appreciate honesty, so being like this from the get-go will help build trust and a good relationship. Also, be open about the costs associated – if you can’t give them a realistic quote up-front – don’t, as failing to produce around their allocated budget will only cause problems further down the line.