4 Items for the Modern City Commuter

In metropolis’ such as London, Tokyo and New York, where mass public transport is developed and efficient, it usually doesn’t make sense to have a car. The ever-rising costs associated with owning and running a car – petrol prices, parking difficulties, congestion charges – mean that it increasingly becoming a less attractive option, and rightly so. With pollution at levels this planet has never seen before and cities developing at breakneck speeds, we need to be doing all we can to minimise this, whilst improving the quality of life. We will have a look at four items that every modern city commuter needs to travel comfortably.

A waterproof bag

From walking between stations to standing in a busy train carriage, they are countless opportunities for your important belongings to get wet from the rain or spilled drinks. Invest in a waterproof bag, be it a backpack, duffle or messenger; your laptop, documents and clothes will thank you for it. Waterproof bags are no longer reserved for just outdoor adventures; nowadays anyone from a freelancer writer to a banker would be likely to have one. You can find bags which are light and still waterproof thanks to the use of nano-sprays that allow them to repel liquids, but need to be reapplied regularly to maintain their effectiveness.

A raincoat

Another item that helps protect you from the rain, this is an essential item especially during autumn and winter. There is nothing worse than starting your day at work soaked from the little run you had to make between the station and the office. There are an abundance of choices of raincoats for all, and they don’t all make you look like you are about to go hiking. A popular choice of raincoat for men is the lineup from Rains; they have simple but modern cuts and provide all the protection you need from the rain at very reasonable prices.

A smartphone

This might be applicable to almost everyone nowadays but thanks to apps that can give you exact routes and all the minor details to get you from Point A to Point B, a smartphone is crucial. Have you ever tried to avoid eye contact on the train or bus? What better way than to that than to look at your smartphone. But in all seriousness, even contactless payments through smartphones are becoming increasingly common, signaling the end of cash and soon, even physical credit and debit cards. Smartphones are certainly one of the essentials for any commuter.

A reusable water bottle

Not only are you keeping yourself healthy and hydrated, but you are reducing your impact on the planet that arises from plastic use and disposal. Save yourself some money and the environment by refilling your bottle at home and at work instead of purchasing a bottle you’ll use just once, which will end up in the landfill or the ocean, unable to break down for much longer than our lifetime. Commuting can be hot and sweaty and especially if you are victims of delays, you should always have some water with you.