5 Tips For Helping Your Business Survive And Thrive In Central London

If your business is based in central London, then that’s great news; you’ve managed to land a spot in one of the most expensive and competitive cities in the world. The bad news? You’ll need to find a way to survive the many costs that push businesses out of the capital, or worse, out of business altogether. Now, we know being based at the heart of the UK’s capital is not every business’ dream, nor is it even an ideal location, but for many it is, and also a path they must take to reach their potential. Here are tips on how you can set up good foundations for your business, to allow you to thrive in Central London.

Find a space bigger than you may initially need

You might be thinking “what kind of tip is this? This is crazy!” But believe me, office space in central London is at a premium, and it is easier to find sub-tenants for excess space, than to constantly move offices every time you need to expand. Plan your office space to make it the most efficient and productive it can be and this will help you maximise value from your assets, and therefore increase your bottom line. If you have excess space, consider installing a conference room scheduler display so meeting rooms can be booked and organized smoothly, regardless of how many organisations may be using it within your space.

Allow flexible working for your workforce

Have you ever commuted into and out of London during rush hour? If you have then you know it is not a pleasant experience. Cramped trains and buses combined with delays and bad weather, this doesn’t make for a good start or end to the day. Allowing your workers to work remotely or come in later or finish earlier may benefit them and your business as a whole. As the saying goes – a happy worker is a productive worker.

Don’t be afraid to promote your location

One of the great things about this location is that it is easily recognisable and seen in a positive light. Being based in such an area is a sign of success (it’s not cheap to move there in the first place) and shows that you want to be at the heart of business in one of the financial capitals of the world; so don’t be afraid to use this as a selling point. Potential customers and clients will see you as a more attractive option than a business out in the suburbs with a less “trendy” postcode. Potential employees may also find the location a lot more attractive, thanks to the abundance of transport links to the area, and this gives you a bigger and better talent pool to choose from.


An advantage of the location is that you can network much easier with other businesses that can help you run yours, well. From consultants, to lawyers and accountants, there is an abundance in the area to choose from. Face-to-face time is important, and being able to access your network easily no doubt will give your business a competitive advantage.